16-18 April 2018

Classes CE2/CM1/CM2/Collège

This year, our discovery class took place at Logarska dolina in the farm of Zgornji Zavratnik, from Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th of April.

We had a very rich educational program for these 3 days:
 Visit of the surroundings and the farm
 Visit of the Logarska dolina valley eco-museum
 Hike to the waterfall Rinka and to the quarry where charcoal is made
 Discovering the landscape through the legend of the giant and his needle
 Learning about safety instructions in the mountains and the equipment needed (indispensable for a carefree hike)

Manual activities were organized:
 Technique of felted wool: manufacturing of a painting or a phone pouch
 A drawing workshop with charcoal

Moments of sharing and socializing:
 Telling a story when sitted around a campfire
 Dancing and theatrical improvisation
 Observing and listening to the nature
 Discovering old countryside games
 Being in a good mood with a healthy and copious countryside food

They said:
“It was great!”
“Could we stay a little longer?”