Preschool classes: TPS / PS and MS / GS


The ‘ecole maternelle’ is an educational specificity of the French school system as it provides a framework that is both very friendly and playful (like a kindergarten or a nursery) and educational (such as a school). Children of 2 to 5 years are encouraged to develop the basic abilities of learning: perfect their language, learn to live with others, to respect social rules and to discover the world of writing, all while playing.

The curriculum that teachers follow is divided into five areas:DSC03472

To assimilate the language and discover writing,
To become a pupil,
To act and talk with one’s body,
To discover the world,
To perceive, feel, imagine, create.

Rhymes and songs, but also artistic expression, or dance, constantly accompanies learning and develop the children’s expression.

The teachers of each class have Slovenian assistants who take specific care of non-French speaking children. By becoming bilingual at an early age, these children develop learning mechanisms and pronunciation which then will facilitate their acquisition of other foreign languages.

Cycle 2 classes: CP and CE1 (1st and 2nd grade)


When entering first grade, the child is able to understand a story when read to by an adult; he can combine the sounds of the language in graphic signs that represent them in writing; he can concentrate, and feels at ease in speaking. The goal of the teachers is to use these capabilities to address the basic skills:DSC02959

Knowledge and understanding of numbers,
The encrypted writing numbers (decimal notation)
Calculation of small quantities.



Cycle Class 3: CE2 / CM1 / CM2 (3rd, 4th and 5th grade)

Entering Cycle 3, the pupil is taking an important step in his education. The skills he has acquired in reading and writing allow him to enhance his opportunities to obtain new information and strengthen his means to learn.

Disciplinary fields are still expanding in cycle 3, with literature, history and geography as well as the experimental sciences and technology. Cycle 3 children have to become independent and take initiative: writing and presentations, project development… The end of cycle 3 is also marked by obtaining the patent and Internet Computing (B2i): If the computer is not the subject of specific teaching, it is a tool that unfolds in each area and which is used in various working sessions. The school is also proud to offer the 3 cycle in French certifications in partnership with the French Institute and certifications in English with the British Council.CAM00571-1

Middle school classes:

The French School of Ljubljana is pleased to welcome pupils in the middle school in mixed age classes. They are all registered in CNED (National Center for Distance Education), a public institution of the French Ministry of Education, which educates 400,000 children worldwide.
CNED sends to school all necessary educational materials for each student according to his level. Middle School and High School teachers supervise classes, present the courses and activities, explain and answer questions from pupils. They also prepare students for the French General Certificate of Secondary Education (Brevet des Colleges) and can prepare for tests for the French Leaving Certificate (le baccalaureat).
They thus provide daily monitoring of work according to the agenda of CNED, and respect the school rhythm of a French Middle school. The small number of students in each classroom allows teachers to devote more time to each of them and cover the entire national education program for each class.
In addition to human science teachers (French, history, geography and civics) and science subjects (mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, technology and computer science), pupils have teachers of modern languages, languages and cultures of antiquity, music, fine arts and sports. The languages taught in EFL are Slovenian (3 core hours in addition to other selected languages), English, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin and ancient Greek.
Our pupils are also provided with cultural outings, scientific and culinary experiences and an educational school trip at the end of the year.

CNED for Middle School: