Parents that were elected after the election for the parents’ representatives for the school year 2018-2019:

  • Aline DELSINNE, Quentin’s mum (GS)
  • Céline Louis, Zoya’s mum (GS)


  • Huyn Sook KIM, Aiden’s mum (GS)


  • Ana LE MARECHAL, Vita (CM1) and Alina’s mum (3ème)


  • Tina LEVEC, Nuša (CE2) and Urban’s mum (CM2)

Pour les contacter:

Pupils’ Parents Representatives are elected by the parents and decide on the school policies (they have a right to vote on them).

It is their essential role which leads to the optimal functioning of the school. We kindly invite you to become a candidate during September. Before late October holidays, all the parents will be invited to vote for their representatives.

The role of the Pupils’ Parents Representative consists of:

  • Being available for any possible expectations and demands by the part of the pupils’ parents
  • They provide a link between parents, school etablishment and teachers. They transmit the parents’ questions to the teaching staff.
  • They offer support for various projects through the year (Christmas bazaar, school show etc.)

Meetings og the School Board are held 3-4 times a year.

  • They vote on the school rules
  • They vote on the school project
  • They give their advice concerning the functioning of the school and all the questions about the school life: integration of the children with disabilities, school restoration, school hygiene, children’s safety, organization of school’s extracurricular activities concerning education,  sports and culture

The headmistress decides on the general meetings of the Pupils’ Parents Representatives. Parents receive all the necessary information via email.

 Ecole Française internationale de Ljubljana